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Updates & News

Dragon Warrior is NOT dead! (7.1.2008)
The site was left there for more than 4 years, in very 2002 style, but there are still lots of visitors come here every day. Our good old days! :) We still love Dragon Warrior!

My Birthday (7.28.2004)
Today is my birthday. Don't worry, the site is not dead and I will make more comics recently. I started a job and I have a lot of things I have to do.

Red Slime Protest (4.1.2004)

Earlier today Red Slimes went on a protest march after finding out that Dragon Quest VIII will not have Red King Slimes, or Red Kings for short. At several cities, such as Aliahan, the Red Slimes slithered and bounced in what they called a march for monster rights.

Red Slime march at Aliahan

The Red Slime protest leader, Tibble, says that the Red Slimes have asked for Red Kings ever since the first game to feature king slimes, Dragon Quest IV. But Enix refused to put them in any of the games. After Enix merged with Square and became Square Enix, the Red Slimes hoped things would be different.

Apperantly the Red Slimes feel they have been neglected in several games in the series. "We have lived around Aliahan for years, but we were only seen much later in Dragon Warrior III, after we would no longer be a threat," Tibble says.

The Red Slimes and plan to protest next week with the MAMA (Monsters Against Monster Abuse) againt their mistreatment in the popular media. This protest group has existed since the genocide in the movie Gremlins. penis pump

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