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Fan-Made Games: Age of Heroes

Dragon Warrior Online: Age of Heroes (6.27.2002)

Dragon Warrior Online: Age of Heroes is a web-based multi-player RPG currently in development by MotrinIB. This is a brand-new fan project, so don't confuse it with Dragon Warrior Online (the first fan-made Dragon Warrior game that has dissapeared) or Enix's project of a web-based Dragon Quest game.

The game was going to be called Black Moon Saga, but it has been renamed to Age of Heroes.

Here is what is completed:
  • Random Treasure Chests
  • Equipment with class restrictions
  • Many Spells
  • Doors can be opened
  • Players can choose class (only soldier), sex, and clothing/armor color for their characters.
  • The item and status menus are now fully functional.
  • Shops.
  • Non-player characters (townsfolk dialogue).
  • A single player turn-based combat system.
  • More than one monsters can fight in battle
  • Random encounters
  • A small overworld, dungeon, and town.
  • Players can search the ground at their feet.
  • Music changes with map/area switching.
  • Story: The story will be much like a normal Dragon Warrior game.

    It will be completely pre-scripted, so a player can complete the entire game on their own (if they spend a LOT more time on it). However, I do intend to implement some ideas that will prevent players from advancing too far into the game on their own without the help of other players now and then.

    Since new quests, maps, and events can easily be added into the game, I would also like to allow players to alter the story line, add/remove areas, quests, and events through special GM run player events. This way the game may not be completely the same each time through.

  • Bosses: There will be bosses... however - once defeated by a player, it will not respawn for that player again unless the player is in a party with another player who has not been flagged for defeating that boss. Only the players who have not defeated the boss will receive the items, though. This will prevent players from fighting the same boss (who should now be dead according to thier story line) as well as getting the item over and over. However, depending on the nature of the item, the players may or may not be able to give the item to another player.

    Later in the game, there will be items that can only be kept in a users inventory for a certain amount of time before vanishing back to it's original point (which is explained in the game). This makes certain items needed for game advancement more valuable and sought after, as well as giving a sense of urgency to players who have just spent a lot of time trying to obtain it - and don't want to do it all over again.

  • Evil Heroes: You will not be able to be a monster character... the first time through the game. A remorte system will present players who have just completed the game with options for new character creation, monsters will be amoung them.

    Players might be presented with the option of joining forces with evil - thus introducing the pk system, however this would require a completly seperate game for those evil players from that point on, so it will not be a part of the initial game.

  • Evil Player Control: The pk system in Black Moon Saga might only allow players to party with or attack players within a certian level range.

  • Death Punishment: Heroes who die will return to the last healer that recorded their journey (or position) with half gold and half Exp. Players may deposit most of their gold into banks, so gold may not be much of a loss to some players... but Experience will be, especially at higher levels. This has already been coded.

Black Moon Saga

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