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Fan-Made Games: Dice RPG: Dave

Erdrick's Descendant

Name: Dave

Job: Dragon Warrior

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Ht.: 6'4"

Wt.: 227 lbs.

Favorite Food: Drakee Soup

Hobbies: Going to the inn with Princess Lora, puff-puffs, and philosophy.

Talents: Single-handedly battling dragons, casting spells, and repeatedly walking across the continent in a short period of time without a single blister.

Appearance: A tall muscular sweaty armor-clad knight.

Description: A well-built wizard who uses hand weapons. For defeating King Dragon, Dave's adventure was referred to as the Dragon Quest and he was known as the Dragon Warrior (or occassionally the Dragon Quester.) Before his fame, he was usually referred to as the as the Descendant of Roto. After a little kid mispronounced his name as Loto many people who didn't like him scoffingly referred to the Dragon Warrior as the Descendant of Loto.

Personality: I N T J (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging). Dave is a philosopher king with extremely strong values and honor. He is quiet until he talks about philosophy or one of his other well-developed specializations. He believes in focusing on the greatest justice and virtue. True justice cannot exist by force, but by improving one's soul instead. He hates exercise, sports, and fighting.

Dave devotes his life to fairness. Although he greatly values cooperation over competition, Dave doesn't allow anyone to join him on his mission because it would be poor sportsmanship to gang up against monsters.

Comment by Princess Lora: I knew if I kept saying "But thou must!" that he would eventually cave in.

History: Alefgard was in a golden age. Monsters and magic were nearly nonexistent and were merely ghost stories told during family vacations at campfires. Dave was a mysterious child. Even though there was no one to teach him magic he seemed to have a natural knack for it. At the young age of 5 it is said that he would push dishes off the table with his mind. Although it could not be proven it was his fault, he was still occasionally forced to sit in a chair and stare at the wall to think about what he had done.

By the age of 15 Dave had developed a desire to discover the truth of virtue, wisdom, and justice. He decided he would no longer wear cloths, as they were material things. He said all material things distract us from living a life to pursue a life of wisdom and happiness. He had decided violence could never be the true path to justice and it would just give people the message that might makes right.

By the time Dave was 22 he had a dream where he walked into the basement of his family's home to find Roto (a legendary hero who saved the world from a great evil). Roto told Dave of a long-forgotten premonition. Before the archfiend died he mentioned that a great evil would return to Alefgard. Roto explained that Dave was his descendant and was destined to defeat the new evil. The next day Dave went into the basement and went through a chest of his ancestor's possessions. There he found his great grandfather's diary and helmet. On the first page of the diary it explained that he was Roto. A week later King Dragon had raided Tantegel Castle.

After a few months Dave reached the age of 23, King Dragon proved to be quite annoying. Dave finally put on Roto's helm and wrapped a blanket around himself and went to Tantegel Castle where he offered his services to destroy King Dragon. He was a laughing stock. He knew no useful magic and surely he was out of shape. King Lars pretended to be impressed and gave him enough money to buy some clothes and a stick.

In battle Dave quickly grew and became well defined. After one of his first battles he realized he had the power to heal himself with magic. He decided that magic could easily corrupt a mortal soul and that he would never use magic to harm another. Not long after that Dave was almost defeated by a magician who threw a fireball at him. In a rage Dave was able to thow an even more powerful fireball right back at the magician. Ever since Dave never hesitated to use magic to harm others... Meaning monsters.

Within the next two months Dave saved and married Princess Lora, defeated King Dragon, and returned the Ball of Light. He was rewarded by being offered the kingdom, but he refused and decided to set out to claim a rightful kingdom of his own. There King Dave and Queen Lora founded the kingdom Lorasia and had 3 children.

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