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Fan-Made Games: Dragon Warrior Legend Dragon King

Dragon King

Dragon King was probably the first Dragon Warrior fan-game in existence. It was programmed by Keith Donnelly in 1998 using DJGPP, a free DOS 32-bit C/C++ compiler and Allegro by Shawn Hargreaves. It actually uses graphics from the original NES version of Dragon Warrior. The game play could be described to be close to Warrior Dragon (the other most obvious finished Dragon Warrior clone). When considering the boss of Dragon Warrior was the Dragonlord (King Dragon originally in Japan), the title "Dragon King" is a dead giveaway that the game is Dragon Warrior clone. The point to the game is to gather crystals from various caves to get to the last boss (I think?

It is obviously based on the original Dragon Warrior game -- combat is always one on one. There is no party system and monsters don't seem very cooperative. Also like Dragon Warrior, when you die you may resume playing with all your items. Of course death isn't without punishment: you return to the king and loose half your experience. Personally the loss of experience seems much worse than loosing half my gold, but the feature is generally a good thing. It makes you fear death and playing recklessly, but makes sure there is a way out of impossible situations.

Unlike Dragon Warrior 1, the game has no spells or return item (wing of the wyvern). Instead of herbs to heal you, potions do. They restore either half or all of your hp depending on the potion.

Eventually the game becomes confusing. You can wander all over the world aimlessly and it's possible to skip certain caves. This of course would make the enemies very difficult and would require extra leveling up. I'm not sure if I actually skipped any caves or not.

I never finished Dragon King. Eventually I got to a cave that was ridiculously maze-like. I got lost and couldn't figure out how to leave. The enemies weren't difficult to defeat, but I gave up after playing for a while.

Overall (now considering Dragon Warrior Legend) I'd give the game a 2/5. Although the death system is an improvement from Warrior Dragon, the game becomes too confusing and the labyrinth-like cave was ridiculous. The game should mostly be respected as being one of few finished obvious Dragon Warrior clones in existence.
King Slime - Poor

A Town

A Battle
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