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FAQs: Dragon Warrior 1 and 2 Name Changes


Erdrick Loto
Gwaelin Lora
Lorik Lars
Wynn Yukinov
Halla No name
Roge Fastfinger Lagos
Don Mahone Don Mohome


Brecconary No name (Tantegel Castle Town)
Cantlin Mercado
Hauksness Domdora
Midenhall Lorasia
Moonbrooke Moonbrook
Tower of the Moon Lune Tower
Unnamed tower Lighthouse


Knight Armored Knight
Armored Knight Axe Knight
Wraith Knight DeadNite
Drakeema Drackeema
Drakee Dracky
Dragonlord DracoLord
Warlock Druin
Wizard Druinlord
Druin Eyeder
Druinlord Eyedrlord
Axe Knight MadKnight
Magidrakee (DW1) MagDracky
Stoneman RockGolem
Demon Knight ShdwKnght
Ghost Spooky
Silver Batboon AgDevil
Bullwong ArcDemon
Centipod ArmorPede
Gold Batboon BatDemon
Hargon's Knight Disciple
Big Slug GiantSlug
Giant Gigantes
Graboopi Gragoopi
Man 'O War Jellyfish
Magic Baboon Magabboon
Mace Master Magus
Carnivore Plant ManEater
Metal Babble Metabble
Metal Slime Metaly
Ghost Mouse Phantom
Puppet PuppetMan
Demighost Reaper
Attackbot Roboster
Magician (DW2) Sorcerer
Magidrakee (DW2) WizDracky
Malroth Sidoh


Fighter's Ring War Ring
Wing of the Wyvern Warp Wing
Fairy Water Repellent
Ball of Light Light Orb
Fairy Flute PxyFlut
Silver Harp ShinyHarp
Gwaelin's Love LoraLuv
Erdrick's Token Loto Seal
Cursed Belt DvlBelt
Death Necklace Choker
Hand Axe Iron Axe
Broad Sword Steel Sword
Erdrick's Sword Loto Sword
Erdrick's Shield Loto Shield
Erdrick's Helmet Loto Helmet
Clothes Cloth Armor
Half Plate Armor Iron Armor
Full Plate Armor Steel Armor
Erdrick's Armor Loto Armor
Dragon's Bane Amulet
Watergate Key Dam Key
Lottery Ticket SlotToken
Mirror of Ra LarMirror
Magic Loom Holy Loom
Moon Fragment MoonShard
5 Crests 5 Seals
Eye of Malroth EvlStatue
Demon Tail DvlTail
Cypress Stick Wooden Cane
Staff of Thunder Bolt Staff
Sword of Destruction Devil Sword
Clothes of Hiding Evade Cloak
Demon Armor Devil Armor
Water Flying Cloth Water Robe
Shield of Strength Heal Shield
Mysterious Hat Magic Helmet
Dragon's Potion Save Orb

This list is by Erdrick.
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