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Fan-Made Games: Dragon Warrior Legend

Dragon Warrior Legend (updated 9.9.2001)

Dragon Warrior Legend is a completely original fan-made Dragon Warrior clone for Windows being developed using Verge2 by RPGking (Robin Pillai). It will have original graphics and an original story with some references to the other Dragon Warrior games. The story will have one major plot connection to the official Dragon Warrior titles, and will have at least two smaller ones. It will take place between Dragon Warrior 4 and Dragon Quest 5. An updated demo has been released for download.

Unlike many other clones, Dragon Warrior Legend has multiple party members, multiple enemies per battle, spells, completely original monster animation, and it will rain! You can go to the official Dragon Warrior Legend Website where you can download a demo with a save file compatible with the final version.

RPGking is also creating a "Dragon Warrior Interface" for Verge2 to help anyone make a Dragon Warrior game once Dragon Warrior Legend is finished.

September 2, 2001: The latest Dragon Warrior Legend Demo has been released!

September 9, 2001: Due to technical difficulties, the site for Dragon Warrior Legend has been moved. The Dragon Warrior Legend site is now at The http://dwl.sourceforge.net/.

STILL The best fully playable Dragon Warrior clone in existance (5/5)

The Dragon Warrior Legend demo is absolutely the best fully playable Dragon Warrior clone in existence. Unlike Warrior Dragon and Dragon King it is truly a Dragon Warrior game. It is also clearly better than Dragon Warrior PC. It has more heart, humor, and several other great attributes never seen before in a fan-made Dragon Warrior game. It is not perfect as it has some drawbacks, bugs, and is very short, but the demo has just come out and the game is going to be greatly improved in time. For one, the demo is only one quest to give people something to do while waiting for the gigantic epic-sized game in progress.

This game has a huge amount of true Dragon Warrior content. It has shops, a house of healing, battles, spells, bosses, original and traditional music, and new and old graphics.

There is an amazing selection of monsters. In the beginning you fight beetles, grass hoppers, flying mice, slimes, and even a boss.
Gold Slime - Great

An outdated battle scene
Snail Slime

Not only does Dragon Warrior Legend have multiple party members, multiple enemies at once, and spells, but it plays nearly identical to an official Dragon Warrior game and contains some of the later improvements only found in the newest Dragon Quest games. The windows work almost exactly like in the real Dragon Warrior games, enemies flicker when damaged, the screen vibrates when the hero is damaged, you can hold enter down to speed up messages, and enemies have artificial intelligence. Slimes seem to know when to run away.

Dragon Warrior Legend has nearly every Dragon Warrior sound effect. The only sound effects missing I know of are for the random encounter attack, staying at an inn, reviving a hero at the house of healing, and saving the game at the house of healing. The game will have every spell found in Dragon Warrior 4, and some new ones. The town and castle are huge with many amusing rooms, humerous people, and secrets. Improvements found in later Dragon Quest games in Dragon Warrior legend include an item bag, a quick action button (to avoid selecting "talk," or "open"), there are goodies in pots, enemies can drop items after battle, and many enemies are animated.

There are also some changes made on purpose. Now intelligence can improve spells, running away after defeating an enemy still lets you gain gold and experience, and it has rain.

Dragon Warrior Legend still can be improved, but it is unlikely it will ever be as Dragon Warriorish as an official Dragon Warrior game. This certainly does not ruin the game. For example, poison is more like toxic from Dragon Quest 6, criticle hits are too common, you can dodge criticle hits, and the graphics to a couple bosses could be improved.

This is probably the most likey Dragon Warrior clone to be finished that is currently in progress. It has made incredible improvements over all other fan-made Dragon Warrior games, and now has ANOTHER great demo to prove it. I am sure Dragon Warrior Legend will be arguably better or equal to some official Dragon Warrior games.

-James Gray, Dragon-Warrior.com, 9.21.2001

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