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Fan-Made Games: Dragoon X Omega

Dragoon X Omega

A hacked ROM of Dragon Warrior 1 with very little remains of the original game. New graphics, maps, monsters, music, and storyline.

The Best Played

Having now played 2 other fan-made games (Warrior Dragon and Dragon King) this is by far the best.

A not-so-straight forward hack of the original Dragon Warrior ROM, it not only completely revamps the map, but creates an original and compelling storyline, new graphics, and a new score.
Metal King - Good
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  • Unlike the borrowed sprites in Dragon King and the average graphics of Warrior Dragon, Dragoon X Omega has solid, professional looking graphics that are up to the quality of an original NES game.

    Also, by using the original ROM as its base, Dragoon X Omega has the same great gameplay of the original Dragon Warrior. It has a full range of spells, which were missing in both Warrior Dragon and Dragon King. It also never resorts to ridiculously hard enemies or painfully long and confusion dungeons to add challenge and game playtime, as seen in the other fan-made games I've played.

    I had only one problem with Dragoon X Omega, once patched the ROM gave a checksum error and wouldn't run with my normal emulator (NESticle). In the end though, by changing emulators (to JNES) I found a fun and rewarding game that is by far the best fan-madegame I've played.

    Raukodraug, 11.5.2000

    Dragoon X Omega
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