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FAQs: Goof-Off Actions

Dragon Warrior 3 Goof-Off Actions:
  • Cast Explodet. (but can't.)
  • Speak ill of an enemy, enemy becomes enraged/is not listening.
  • Hone your body to be ready for anything.
  • Start doing a Jazzercise!
  • Suddenly become enlightened.
  • Point a finger at an enemy then guffaw.
  • Get tangled in your own legs and fall down.
  • Poke at the dead monster.
  • Remark, "I wouldn't fight if I were you. Even a victory would be hollow."
  • Get confused for some reason.
  • Lay down for a nap.
  • Get lost in thought.
  • Spruce yourself up.
  • Take a break.
  • Recoil!
  • Suddenly find that you couldn't move a single muscle.
  • Pinch an ally. (Then the ally will respond, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?")
  • Catches a whiff of the socks.
  • Acts like the arms shopkeeper: "This store deals in weapons and armor..."
  • Cheer on your companions. (But your companions are not there/No one is listening.)
  • Beckon the heavens.
  • Break out in a smile.
  • Say, "Hey!! What do you think you're doing? Do you realize who you are speaking to? Impertinent!"
  • Give a kind glance.
  • Pretend to be dead. (But fools no one.)
  • Soft soap an enemy.
  • Chew onion-flavored gum. (The strong smell drifts everywhere.)
  • Blow a kiss.
  • Suddenly turn around and roll up a sleeve ...exposing a small tatoo!
  • Become momentarily transfixed.
  • Sing
  • Make an awful pun.


Taloon's Actions
  • Tells an awful pun (Makes an enemy laugh for several turns)
  • Trips! (Terrific Hit)
  • Sings a lullaby (Puts an enemy to sleep)
  • Is dazed! (He does nothing)
  • Ssays "Calm down everybody!" (Enemies either leave or become more infuriated)
  • Calls for reinforcements (an army of traveling merchants who do about 4 medium to low powered attacks to the enemy)
  • Flings sand at the enemy (An enemy loses turn)
  • Covers Mouth (blocks spell, even in casino!)
  • Spins his finger in a circle (Chaos Spell)
  • Shouts! (Enemies cower)
  • Performs a curious dance (Steals MP)
  • Counts/Throws Gold when confused
  • Steals an item from the enemy

Goof-Offs of Dragon Quest 6
  • Asobi or play: Does varying attacks based on the luck of the character and the character him/herself.
  • Whistle: Calls enemies as in DWM
  • Frighten?: Tries to scare the enemy causing it to do nothing for one round
  • Pafu Pafu: Deals damage or immobilize the enemy, depending on the gender of the caster. (Exactally like the aahhh" attack from Dragon Warrior Monsters)
  • Neru or Nap: caster falls asleep to regenerate some HP and MP
  • Sick Lick: Attempts to immobilize the enemy and drop it to 1 Defense.
  • Mimic: Uses a skills or spell the enemy knows at random.
  • Chance: Just as wild and unstable as it always was in all the other Dragon Quest games.
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