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FAQs: Japanese Clones

Darin found some great translated Dragon Quest clones. There have been several Dragon Quest clones released for the Famicom (NES) in Japan by proffessional companies. These are some of the few good ones that have been translated:

Glory of Heracles 2
One of the best Dragon Quest clones. It has a nearly identicle Dragon Quest menu system. Actually has a storyline and decent graphics. The translator also is thinking of making an editor for this game.

Glory of Heracles 2

100 World Story
A multiplayer RPG strategy game that's really creative! (Similar to Dragon Quest).

100 World Story

Musashi (98% finished)
The hero hopes to get some...


Rainbow Silkroad (100%)
Has a weak storyline, but it's fun and goofy.

Rainbow Silkroad

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