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Fan-Made Games: Dice RPG: King Dragon

Name: King Dragon

Job: Ruler of Evil

Age: 236

Sex: Male

Length.: 34'4"

Wt.: 3 tons 4 ounces

Favorite Food: Red Slime Jello

Hobbies: Sending legions of minions to raid towns, ripping legs off of princely armor-clad knights, and playing the piano.

Talents: Transforming into a human, casting spells, controlling dragons, and charcoal grilling princely armor-clad knights.

Appearance: A huge purple dragon with small wings and huge horns.

Description: At the time of his reign King Dragon was believed to be a wizard, but he was discovered to really be a large noble dragon with an innate ability to control dragons. King Dragon was called the Dragonlord by those who opposed him. Several years after King Dragon was defeated a company in Tantegel Town (Brecconary) released a chocolate flavored cereal based on King Dragon called Draco Lord crunch. Ever sense many people referred King Dragon as the Draco Lord.

Personality: I N F J (Introverted, Intuititive, Feeling, Judging). King Dragon is a workaholic overlord megalomaniac. King Dragon not only never shows his feelings, but doesn't see them in others either. He hates all of mankind. Especially Princess Lora. She kept asking him questions and talked about all the details he will have to worry about as the Emperor of the world. He thought Lora looked sexy but she annoyed him greatly.

Comment by King Dragon's advisor: His minions are in awe of his talents. They have voted him their number one favorite keeper.

History: The Dragon Queen died before her son, King Dragon, was hatched. She asked Erdrick to protect her egg after she died. She died soon after and strangely Erdrick just left the egg there. Once the Archfiend was destroyed and the portal to the overworld was sealed (where the egg was), it was obvious no one could protect the Dragon Queen's precious egg.

Luckily a group of powerful Alefgardian magicians took the Dragon Queen's egg after Erdrick left it alone and replaced it with a forgery. They returned to Alefgard where they protected the egg in secret. About 50 years later the egg was hatched. The magicians raised King Dragon as a human. Unfortunately they could not care adequately for him and he escaped to live on his own. He lived several years disguised as a human. Eventually people realized he was not aging and became frightened. King Dragon was isolated and became bitter. Eventually he left humanity to search for his own kind living in the darkness deep beneath mountains of Alefgard.

One day King Dragon came across a huge red dragon. He never saw anything so powerful and was used to living in human form so King Dragon cowered in the corner of the room. The red dragon instinctively knew who King Dragon was and had no choice but to bow and offer his services. Attacking King Dragon would have just happened to be a poor choice considering the unbelievable power King Dragon would have impulsively unleashed.

The Dragonlord was not seen again for several years until he raided Tantegel Castle with an army of dragons and stole the Ball of Light. Without the Ball of Light, darkness fell over Alefgard allowing several monsters the courage to come out into the open once more.

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