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Fan Game & Clone Review Submission Guidelines

  • The game must be compared to the official game it is based on.
  • The review must contain a score from 1-5, based on how good it compares to the official version and is worth playing. You should only review a game that is based on a game you enjoy. Be sure to check out the Scoring Scale before you decide on the game's score.
  • The review should compare the fan-made game to any other related fan-games you have played if possible and relevant.
  • What improvements does the game have over the official version and related fan-made games? What does it lack that the official and related fan-made games have? The review may contain any elements you feel are most important. The game's story, sound, control, music, graphics, challenge, and strategy are generally considered important. You might want to read some reviews already posted for ideas. Also try to find different things of importance to make your review original.
  • Please read your review over to make sure it makes sense and spell check it before sending it in.
  • Make sure to mention your site's URL if you would like a link and your name in the email.
  • Reviews should at least be a good paragraph in length and long ones are also accepted. Once the review is ready you may email it to me at

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