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Fan-Made Games: Dice RPG: Roto

Name: Roto

Job: Hero

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Ht.: 5'10"

Wt.: 186 lb.

Favorite Food: BBQ Putrepup Wings

Hobbies: Charming fair maidens, checkers, and ballroom dancing.

Talents: Arm wrestling, fencing, and casting spells.

Appearance: A heavily armor-clad warrior with spiky dark hair.

Description: A mighty warrior and powerful magician. His true name was Erdrick, but he received the title Roto, meaning savior, for defeating the Archfiends. Erdrick was probably never called Loto in his lifetime, but one of his descendants over a hundred years later became known as the Descendant of Loto as a joke (thanks to a child who mispronounced the name). After all, that would mean he didn't have savior ancestry. Eventually most people forgot Erdrick was titled Roto and believed his actual name to be Loto.

Personality: E S F J (Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging). Roto likes a challenge and to compete. He is indipendant and terribly mysterious. Some said he could cut swords in half with his mind, but I don't think he could.

Comment by Roto's wife: I married him. You probably didn't know he had a wife, did you?

History: Erdrick (Roto) lived the first 16 years of his life in Aliahan, a kingdom on a continent similar to Australia. His father, Ortega, left when monsters suddenly got into miscief in search for their leader (the archfiend). About a year later Erdrick turned 16 and the king sent him on a mission to find his father.

Erdrick eventually quested into a dark world where he found his father nearly 8 months later at the Archfiend's castle. There he witnessed his father's death. Unlike during regular battles, Erdrick's friends could not revive his father. Although Erdrick was always revived by a king, Ortega was not. Apparently Ortega hadn't paid his taxes. Of course calling the King a cheap corrupt bastard probably didn't help either.

The archfiend had a prophesy that even if he was destroyed, another great evil would return. This haunted Erdrick to the end of his days. He spent much of his life preparing the world for the next villain. He wrote on a tablet the prophesy for his descendant and information of how to aquire the rainbow bridge for access to unavailable lands. His powerful armor and sword were given to trusted friends then he disappeared. Some believe he went back to the upper world where he was born. How he could do that is certainly a mystery considering the entrance he used to get to the dark world was a volcano that caved in.

Eventually Erdrick did marry and some of his descendants did live in Alefgard. It is not known if they had to find there way into Alefgard or if Erdrick just lived in the wilderness somewhere.

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