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Fan-Made Games: Warrior Dragon

Warrior Dragon

In Warrior Dragon you are a Dragon and fight against evil humans. This is an obvious Dragon Warrior clone by Lumental in the year 2000. It even has slimes!

This is one of very few obvious Dragon Warrior clones to ever be finished, so it should definitely be respected.

This game keeps your attention. It plays nearly identical to the original Dragon Warrior game for the NES. It runs quickly, smoothly, and has pretty good graphics.

The game lacked in three major elements: There are no spells, death is not really a threat, and it gets nearly impossible. Without spells and since all battles are one-on-one either you run, fight, or use a healing item. That's it.

Unlike Dragon Warrior, you can also save anywhere so there is no threat of loosing half your gold for dying. That basically ruins the realism and anxiety of death.

I did not beat the game. Eventually I traveled the world over and over and couldn't figure out where to go. At a certain point the game is impossible. Everyone I know who has played the game gets stuck at that same point. I emailed the programmer and found out I was supposed to talk to this dragon hanging out in a desert more, but shortly after my computer crashed so I couldn't finish it.
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