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Newest Newest Comic (6.9.2005) - I'm not dead yet. Here's something random I thought of. Vote for me at topwebcomics!
Archives Archives - Dragon Warrior 101 (main series), True Story of Dragon Warrior, Mind Over Matter, Death of the Hero!, Dragon Quest VI, Random, and Donated.
FAQ Comic FAQ (12.16.2001) - Answers to over 50 Frequently Asked Questions.
Links Links (10.30.2002) - Currently a list of other webcomics that have linked to me. This section also has information about linking to me or trading links. My site has two links to links. The ones at the top of my site's pages are actually to a Dragon Warrior directory.
Vote Top Webcomics - If you like Dragon Warrior 101 vote here, or on the Funny papers (where you can leave me comments or write reviews), or click here to vote on the old Top 100.

The Dragonlord's Magic Cards (4.30.2004)
The Dragonlord made some cards about himself. Go here for more information.

An Introduction (3.16.2004)
I made an animated introduction to all the comics I made. Click on the first time here? to see it anytime!

Best. Flash. Animations. (10.30.2003)
Go to loservillex.com. I like touch me bunny, the Grim Reaper Show, Tales from Hell, and the guy inside my head. Rated R for sex, violence, language, and nudity.

Missing Comic Movie Trailer! (5.29.2003)
The animated gif movie preview I made has been missing for at least a half year. I didn't find this out until recently. If you downloaded it please email it to me at mageslime@yahoo.com

Who is your web host?
Lowesthosting.com. So far it is great. I have been charged over 150 dollars in one month by another host, but lowesthosting has only charged me about $5 a month. I use about 10 GB per month, and I believe my site could potentually use up to 50 given the right promotion. I asked if that would be okay, and they said yes. (If you ever use a tremendous amount of bandwidth ask the host if it is okay first). My website seems speedy fast, and I am very satisfied so far. You can get your own domain free if you sign up with them. The only real fee is the set up fee, but really that doesn't cost much. I am an affiliate of lowesthosting, so if you would like to support my site and get a great webhost, just take this link to lowesthosting.com.

How to Donate a Comic
You may donate your own comics to this site by emailing them to me at mageslime@yahoo.com. Many game images are on my tile sets page You can either save it as a bitmap and zip it or save it as a gif, png, or jpg. Note that it is usually a bad idea to save a sprite comic as a jpg. The file size must be less than 200 kb.

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