Warhammer Monopoly (7.22.2001)


Warhammer Monopoly is a set of alternative rules to Monopoly. These rules allow you to conquer property, burn down houses, and battle your opponents. To do so you hire minions and buy spells. The game may look a little complicated but really it's much easier than any war game I know of, and I thought of the basic rules (before working out some bugs) in about an hour. It still may have some problems that you can report to me at jimgray@writeme.com and you can certainly change any rules you wish.


I have now playtested Warhammer Monopoly with 4 players. I decided the optional rules I suggested using before should be part of the regular rules since they greatly improved the gaming experience, and I have made some other minor changes (such as going to jail only heals one damage, and houses are now a little weaker in battle but forcing the player to defeat the guard of a property before houses).

Note that in the new version minions are much cheaper, but I have created optional rules with the regular priced minions that should work well. The rules are now over 3 pages. You might want to copy/paste it into a word document to print it out without a banner. Everything is pretty well playtested except spells, hotels, and charm which probably aren't too powerful to worry much about.

I have now playtested Warhammer Monopoly with 3 players. I made a few minor changes and clarifications to the rules, and added some more optional rules (which may end up as part of the final rules). Now minions and spells can be sold back to the bank for half their value, when retreating or surrendering and passing Go you must pay $200 (instead of gaining $200), heroes who are destroyed are worth 3 XP, and free parking shouldn't give more money than players pay from the Community Chest and Chance cards and paying to get out of jail. Check the rules page for the new optional rules. The optional rules are actually highly recommeneded, but they have not been fully playtested.

Know the worst thing about the original Monopoly game is? That if you loose it's an extremelly painful and slow death. Loosing all your money takes forever and it doesn't take long before the looser already knows their fate. So I have come up with some optional rules to win involving conquering a hotel. See the rules page for more details.

I finially playtested Warhammer Monopoly, but only with two players. The 'Warhammer' part of the game was a little weak so I changed some of the rules. Now you have to land on Go to be healed, but you can purchase minions and spells whenever you pass Go. I also lowered the price of spells to $200.


Copyright © 2001 James Gray
Warhammer is copyrighted © by Games Workshop. Monopoly and its little business man with the mustache is copyrighted © 2000 by Hasbro. The cards were created with the help of dribbleglass.com