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Updated 6.11.2002

The Legend of Zelda Animated Gifs

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link fights an octorock (190kb) link fights a dragon (91kb) link fights a dragon again (236kb) link fights a small dragon (62kb) link fights another small dragon (306kb) link presents a gift to a small dragon (62kb) link attacks the air (34 kb)

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The Legend of Zelda Animated Gif Gallery

I created the animated gifs using MS Paint and "Animagic Gif." My favorite Legend of Zelda animated gif was actually inspired by the animation shown before playing Dragon Warrior III of Erdrick's father battling a dragon. I drew the hero of The Legend of Zelda, Link, fighting a small green dragon with the fire breath drawn similar to the Dragon Warrior III battle. I am especially proud of the graphic attention i gave to the blood.

My Legend of Zelda animated gifs are violent, but a few (including two dragon battles and an octorock battle) are comical in appearence to disguise the theme's violent nature. Because all my Zelda theme's animated gifs had Link lose, I decided to make him win a battle against a dragon. This resulted in several complaints, people felt sorry for the dragon. Later I remade the animated gif with much higher quality without a winner as a continuous battle. I also got several complaints for my Legend of Zelda gifs being too violent, so I decided to make a cute animated gif of Link and a dragon as friends =P

Do not link directly to any animated gifs on my page. All graphics and animated gifs are copyrighted © 2000 by James Gray. If you want to use any of my animated gifs just email me at mageslime@yahoo.com to to let me know and add my link to your page to let people know where you got it!

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